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Celebrating Somali Art and Culture

About Burji Arts

Burji Arts is an organisation dedicated to celebrating art and culture. We are engaged in two main areas: visual and performing arts, and the preservation and documentation of the Somali language. This work includes developing resources such as a Somali-English dictionary app, documenting and archiving oral literatures, curating exhibitions, hosting poetry performances, and giving a voice to all art forms both traditional and contemporary. We aim to facilitate a better understanding of Somali art and culture by providing support and platforms for artists and cultural curators.

Burj Arts works to establish safe creative spaces that dismantle barriers to participation in arts and culture – whether those barriers relate to a person’s gender, race, qabiil, sexuality, religiosity or ability. Our support for artists is oriented towards empowering them to exercise ownership over their work - artistically, legally and monetarily. We advocate strongly for underrepresented artists and producers of knowledge to be recognised and compensated for their work.

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